The New Testament World in Pictures

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Michael Grant wrote, “Many books, whatever their subject, offer less than their title promises. Here is a volume that, in many respects, offers enormously more.” For the entire book, obtain both The New Testament in Pictures 1 and The New Testament in Pictures 2. The New Testament World in Pictures is a library of information about the first-century world which lies behind the New Testament, especially the Greco-Roman culture. This unique book covers in considerable depth first-century life including religion, superstitions, trades, commerce, family life, city layout, life-style, amusements, and dress. The Palestinian and Eastern influences are intertwined in the text briefly to provide the proper context, but the book concentrates on the world confronted by Paul.
The text and photographs are thoroughly integrated, with the text explaining details in the photographs so extensively that first-century life is well documented and clearly described. The photographs depict artifacts from both major and regional museums and architectural features from excavated sites located throughout Europe, the Near East, and the United States. Information has been gleaned from sources that range from well-known to quite obscure to provide in one volume an authoritative single source for understanding the world of the New Testament.
Both subject and Scripture indexes are provided to allow quick access to needed information in the book. The text, accompanying most photographs, guides the reader to the New Testament Scriptures that are illuminated by pictures of artifacts and their descriptions.
He exhibits a wide-ranging knowledge of the Greco-Roman world and seeks to provide a reference work for New Testament scholars as well as the public. . . . His book would be as valuable to the general student of the Greco-Roman world as to the student of the New Testament . . . pulling together material that, up to now, has been so scattered as to be almost unobtainable to many students. John F. Wilson, Pepperdine University.
I thought this book should be reviewed by a classicist. . . . Conclusion: It is the best of its kind available. A. T. Kraabel, Luther College.
William H. Stephens’ The New Testament World in Pictures is a publishing event. The unique features of this major reference work on the Greco-Roman world of the first century is an integration of a clearly-written and informative text with a comprehensive collection of photographs of monuments, reliefs, models, and artifacts constituting a window on the social world of the early Christians. William L. Lane, Western Kentucky University.
. . . Provides a first-hand, vivid, authentic view of the world which was the wider environment of the New Testament. Jack Finegan, Berkeley, California.
This is a most illuminating handbook to understanding of the New Testament. F. F. Bruce, Derbyshire, England.
This volume contains a wealth of illustration showing many aspects of life in the Holy Land and Mediterranean world of New Testament times. . . . The work is particularly helpful in showing the reader of Paul’s letters the living environment of the people to whom they were sent. F. F. Bruce, Emeritus Professor, University of Manchester, U.K.