The Bible Backgrounds New Testament

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The Bible Backgrounds New Testament provides detailed information about the historical and cultural background of the New Testament. 941 photographs and 333 historical comments are placed adjacent to the text they amplify or explain. Photographs are of museum holdings such as medical and craftsman tools; household items such as cookery, utensils, hand mills, and toiletries; ancient pictures such as murals and mosaics; bas-reliefs which illustrate the Greco-Roman culture; military objects such as weapons and armor; statues and statuettes of relevant deities, emperors, philosophers, athletes, and others; as well as biblical sites related to the Holy Land and Paul’s travels.
The 333 comments explain references in the biblical text that have historical or cultural significance not generally known by readers, clarifying the meaning of the text.
The Bible text is the King James Version simply because it is in public domain, and important words that are out-of-date are explained, such as “candle” being explained to be “lamp,” referring to an oil lamp.
The Bible Backgrounds New Testament is a condensation of The Archeological Bible New Testament CD, which is a file much too large to be converted to an eBook. Only an occasional photo is new; most appear in the CD. All of the duplications present in the CD are eliminated, so that all of the photos appear only once (except for the cover photo which appears again). An extensive photo index is included so the reader can examine all photos of a particular subject.
It is my hope as author that these background materials will help in the understanding of the Bible, enliven Bible study, and answer important biblical questions which the reader may have.