Athanasius and the Nicene Creed

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From the arid deserts of Egypt to Germany’s lush and mountainous Mosel River, the exiled Athanasius fought for the Nicene Creed. Through the reigns of seven emperors from Constantine to Valens, his fight took him from favored bishop to enemy of the state, from honored friend to the death sentence. Exiled or in flight five times, he took whatever life dealt him, whether the comfortable life in Treves (Trier) or constant narrow escapes in Alexandria and the burning sands of Egypt’s desert.
Throughout the war over the nature of Christ, emperors fought wars to gain and retain the throne, so the clash of sword was heard along with the bishops’ warfare. Mighty armies besieged cities, and legionnaires fought sword to shield in the blood and gore of the battlefield. Persians on the eastern front, barbarians invading from the north, and civil war between brothers went hand in hand with the theological warfare. Prison, torture, exile, abominable atrocities were not limited to the secular government; they were part and parcel of angry bishops fighting for what they believed.
Christians believed the persecution of Diocletian, the Great Tribulation prophesied in Revelation, ended with the conversion of Constantine. Now the millennium would begin, with a God-directed union of Christianity and the Roman empire. Instead, they were plunged into another Great Tribulation, and a union of church and state was welded so firmly that the Christian religion was changed forever.
Athanasius and the Nicene Creed is a novel depicting with historical accuracy the most important era of the Christian faith. The results remain with us today.