A New Testament View of Women

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A New Testament View of Women contains a detailed exegesis of all of the New Testament passages that deal specifically with the role of women. In many cases the author translated the Greek for a clearer understanding. The content has been carefully researched from commentaries, as well as historical sources. Shirley Stephens has related the Scriptures to the social structure of the New Testament era, especially the Apostle Paul’s “problem” passages, in which he seems to place drastic limitations on the freedom of women. Her goal was to present a solid biblical view, based on valid exegetical methods that are accepted and practiced by evangelicals. While scholarly in content, the book is written in a popular, non-academic style.

Chapters include:

Women in the Kingdom
Women in Jesus’ Earthly Ministry
A Point of Reference
Women in the New Testament Home
Women in the New Testament Church
Women’s Involvement and Cultural Factors
Jesus’ Model and the Church Today


Baptist Standard, January 25,1981
“Her persistent efforts in interpreting each scripture within its biblical context adds a decisive dimension to the accuracy.”